Better than the rest

What Makes sweetFrog the Best Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

Best Flavors + Award Winning Client Service = The best frozen yogurt franchise!

Our focus on building a sense of community within each and every sweetFrog franchise location paired with our award winning flavors and toppings has led the sweetFrog franchise system to continue being the game-changer and brand to emulate among the frozen yogurt franchise industry. With hundreds of locations operating across the globe and hundreds more in development, sweetFrog continues to lead the industry with innovative ideas to keep our froggers ahead of the rest.

“People just like the way sweetFrog tastes. Most of the yogurt sold in other chains is more tart. A lot of customers think we're better-tasting than other brands, and we're still healthier than ice cream. Our brand is truly about connecting with our local communities and giving back. We believe in the well-being of families and our initiatives are designed to get our network of great shops behind that effort," shared CEO, Pat Galleher.

At sweetFrog, building a sense of community is more than the corporate mission statement; it is the sole reason we get up each and every morning. While sweetFrog is equally dedicated to helping franchisees launch, grow, and see a vibrant return on  their investments, we believe a franchisee’s ultimate success coincides with the hoppiness experienced by every sweetFrog guest. When our valued guests and neighbors leave their local sweetFrog location, smiling from ear to ear, happy and full, we know we will see them again soon. Making sweetFrog their home(pad) away from home(pad).

About sweetFrog Premium Yogurt

For our valued franchisees and clients, we have an exclusive private label collection with a multitude of different flavor possibilities from which to choose. Each of our various products use the highest quality milk from cows that are never treated with artificial growth hormones.

Our amazing flavors create our premium yogurt desserts that keep our guests coming back each week to check and see what new flavors or flavor combinations they can create.



Each and every sweetFrog guest loves heading over to our “Fill It” stations where they can choose their base flavors before adding toppings from the largest selection of rotating toppings in the industry.

With so many delicious flavor and topping choices, your future sweetFrog guests will have limitless opportunities to choose from.




For our guests with special dietary needs or food allergies, our sweetFrog locations around the globe have a variety of non-dairy, kosher, no sugar added, gluten free, and low-carb options.



sweetFrog Hoppiness!

Like any good business, repeat traffic makes all the difference between success and failure. That is why each and every sweetFrog franchisee focuses on creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere that guests enjoy. I mean who doesn’t want to hang out on the prettiest lily pad?

That is why our locations have a variety of colorful seating areas, magnetic wall space to feature local news and information, as well as chalkboards, whiteboards, and hundreds of coloring pages for our Froggy Picassos to leave their own creative mark.

sweetFrog locations are the perfect place for kids of all ages to come in, sit back, relax, and let the outside world fade away as they dive into their own delicious cups of hoppiness.

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