Where can I start my sweetFrog?

Location is key! While we do not tell you where to establish your sweetFrog franchise, our team of qualified experts is here to provide you with assistance to find the right area for your sweetFrog location.

An ideal location for a successful sweetFrog store is in a vibrant retail shopping center with high visibility and good parking. It should have a good tenant mix — maybe a national grocery chain or big box discount store — and it should be situated in a strong residential community.


Many landlords who own shopping centers want brand names they can trust. sweetFrog has extensive contacts with several landlords and professional tenant representatives. Once you sign a franchise agreement, we will be happy to assist you to find the perfect location for your sweetFrog franchise.

You can rest easy with our World Class Support!

Alan Delano first learned about sweetFrog when his father-in-law invested in a sweetFrog franchise in North Carolina. As one of the very first franchisees in the sweetFrog family, Alan and his father-in-law helped create the processes and procedures that have streamlined the openings for franchises today. Alan and his wife moved to Richmond, VA, where Alan continued his sweetFrog career by managing several of the sweetFrog corporate stores. Soon, Alan joined our corporate team and now assists every new franchisee. He walks them through the startup process, providing hands-on training over the course of three days at our flagship store in Midlothian, VA. Alan is also your "go to frogger" for any questions you have regarding launching your own sweetFrog location.

Some of the many services our team provides:

 Contractor hiring and management

 Build-out process supervision

 Staff education

 Grand opening marketing support

Once you are a franchise owner, you are part of the sweetFrog family! We are here to answer any questions and provide the support you need.


Information Request

We are actively looking for potential franchisees to develop sites in the south-east, mid-west, and New England markets. We are also actively seeking potential master franchisees to develop sites internationally. Contact us for more information.

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