Bringing Hoppiness to ponds all over the globe!

Our Philosophy

sweetFrog is the place within each community where neighbors congregate and enjoy the warm, family-friendly environment that can be found in each and every sweetFrog location. Our stores have become pillars in each community, hosting little league celebrations, school fundraisers, and even birthday parties.

Each and every sweetFrog franchisee works diligently to demonstrate their commitment to the communities they serve, and not just by offering the most delectable frozen treats and toppings. Our amazing franchisees support the communities they live and work in by sponsoring local athletics, civic organizations, schools, after-school clubs, and so much more. 

At sweetFrog, we take pride in being a part of our community and we treat our guests like family—ensuring that when it comes to deciding on which local business to visit, they choose sweetFrog.

In addition to offering the best in quality service to our communities, sweetFrog has a proprietary line of our very own yogurt which ranks well above the rest in taste tests across the globe. No matter what eating habits, allergies, or preferences your guests may have, we have a wide variety of delectable flavors that appeal to every single individual out there.

As the industry leader, our Research and Development team is constantly searching out and testing for the next great and most delicious flavor!

sweetFrog leaps ahead of the competition!

When it comes to making a splash in your local pond, you can rest assured that your sweetFrog franchise will be a crowd pleaser. Sure, we could simply stand behind the results of industry taste tests, but we pride ourselves on bringing hoppiness to each and every guest that walks into our sweetFrog franchise locations around the globe.

While our competitors focus on selling frozen desserts, we serve up “hoppiness” each and every day by giving neighbors and friends a place to gather. sweetFrog, along with our friends Scoop and Cookie, will ensure your night out is filled with laughter, joy, and that warm and fuzzy feeling the moment you walk into our doors.

Our focus on building goodwill and hoppiness in communities across the globe (paired with the best flavors and products in the industry) has rewarded our franchisees since our inception. In fact, take a look at the many awards and accolades our world class franchise opportunity has achieved over the past few years.





Information Request

We are actively looking for potential franchisees to develop sites in the south-east, mid-west, and New England markets. We are also actively seeking potential master franchisees to develop sites internationally. Contact us for more information.

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