World Class Training and Support!

The simplicity of the sweetFrog business model is one of the key attractions for budding and existing entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to diversify your existing portfolio or achieve your dream of owning your own business, our dedicated support teams are here to help you through each and every step of the process.

While you will enjoy the benefits of owning your “restaurant,” you do not need extensive restaurant experience to be a sweetFrog franchisee. Your guests make their own desserts and serve themselves. Your ability to connect with your guests and the community you serve will be the most valuable skill set brought to the table.

Why People Love sweetFrog

By focusing on building “hoppiness” in each and every community, we are able to stand apart from the competition and lead by example. Just walk into any one of our locations nationwide, or follow us on Instagram, @sweetFrog, and see how much our guests love being a part of the sweetFrog family. 


The sweetFrog brand is just plain fun! sweetFrog has something for everyone, young or old, and every age inbetween. Our younger guests love our coloring pages, our teenage guests proudly wear our hoodies and vintage t-shirts, and everyone loves our mascots.

Teams from all fields, come to sweetFrog to celebrate their big win or even lift their spirits after a crushing loss. You can’t walk into sweetFrog and keep a frown on your face. Our bright, friendly, and fun environment is a sure fire way to inspire hoppiness!

Our fans are loyal. Once a frogger always a frogger!

Information Request

We are actively looking for potential franchisees to develop sites in the south-east, mid-west, and New England markets. We are also actively seeking potential master franchisees to develop sites internationally. Contact us for more information.

This is not a job application. It is an information request for those interested in purchasing franchises.

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