loyalty program


How can I participate in the program?

Simply enter your phone number on the sweetFrog Rewards touchscreen kiosk in-store every time you make a purchase to earn points and rewards.

How do I check my points or sign up when I'm not at a kiosk in store?

Log in to http://sweetfrog.com/loyalty, you'll gain access to our best rewards, personalized offers, a free cup of yogurt on your birthday, and 10% off your first purchase just for activating! You will also receive reward notifications, expiration reminders, and promotional news. You will not be able to change your birthday date when set.

Can I use multiple rewards at the same time?

No, you can only use one reward at a time, but you can accumulate multiple rewards for later use.

Do points and rewards expire?

The FREE 12oz for 10 visits expires in 30 days. The Birthday Offer expires in 7 days. Most coupon offers expire in 3 days.

Can I earn points on based on purchases?

A visit or one point is defined as one minimum purchase of $3 per cup, per 4 hours, per customer. 10 points is equal to 10 visits which will earn you a FREE 12oz cup up to a $5 value. You also earn points and rewards when coupons are redeemed, so make sure to enter your phone number every time you visit!

Can I earn rewards on fundraising, catering, events, or school lunches?

No, the following items do not qualify for Reward points: sales tax, team member discounts, the value of discounts or promotions, catering, events, and school lunch programs.

Will you be calling or texting me after I enter my phone number?

Your phone number will only be used to track your rewards points. We will never contact you without your expressed permission.

Why are you asking for my mobile number?

The only reason we ask for your mobile number is if you ask us to send you offers and special promotions by text. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to enter your home phone or work number. Just make sure to enter the same number each time you make a purchase in order to earn the most points and rewards! Reply STOP anytime to unsubscribe to SMS text messages or click UNSUBSCRIBE to stop email notifications. You also can visit http://sweetfrog.com/loyalty and edit your communications preferences.

How do I tell how many points and rewards I have?

To see your points and rewards, sign into your sweetFrog Rewards account online at http://sweetfrog.com/loyalty . After you log in, click "MY STORES" On the top navigation bar of your account to see how many points needed until your next reward and what rewards and offers you have available.

I'm not seeing my points in my account, what do I do about it?

First, contact your local store - they can edit points on the kiosk and take care of any issue you have. If you’re still not seeing your points in your account, email support@citygro.com. and provide as much detail as possible about the purchase(s) that you did not earn points on. A receipt and or proof of purchase will be required.

I want to change my settings, how do I do that?

Sign into your sweetFrog Rewards account at http://sweetfrog.com/loyalty and click on the Edit icon under the My Profile section. From there, you will be able to edit your account settings, see activated store coupons, and edit notification preferences.

How do I earn points?

Just enter your registered phone number on the touchscreen in-store every time you make a purchase of $3 or more to earn a visit or points and redeem rewards. Earn 1 point for every visit, less taxes, tips, and other fees.

The touchscreen was down at the store, can I still get my points?

Yes, simply give the manager your phone number and have them credit your account manually in the Loyalty admin dashboard.

What types of offers or rewards can I earn being an Loyalty Member?

a. 10% Off just for activating your account.

b. Fill Up A 12oz Cup for $4.00, Buy 1 Get 1 for 50% OFF, 20% OFF, $1.00 OFF a purchase of $3.00 or more and many other great offers.

c. Birthday Offer is a Free Cup Up To $5, valid for 7 days.

d. 10 visits = 1 Free cup up to $5 and many more personalized offers just for being a valued Rewards Customer!